Temple: Season 2

upcoming feature 2021 – coming out this year is season 2 of Temple from Hera Pictures, featured on Sky One.…

Foglifter Coffee

Foglifter Coffee’s flagship location on Main street, Vancouver BC asked to find a photograph to represent their brand for the…

Purity Design

entranceway placement for Purity Design, ‘anchor’ 48″x36″

AK Design

primary bedroom placement of ‘stay gold’ 48″x32″ for interior design project by Annaliesse Kelly.

design X magazine

click here to view the digital copy of design X by Jamie Banfield Design “bryce barry’s photography reflects the time…

ZOOM Magazine Cover

ZOOM magazine – Spring 2018 cover and feature article. “look long at bryce barry’s eerie atmospheric photographs and you’ll forget…

IDS 2019

interior design show IDS 2019 featured artist showcase. the ultimate interior design show, IDS Vancouver is an annual, much-respected residential…

Port Moody Art Gallery – Artist Showcase

showcase artist port moody art gallery ‘breathing space ‘ 3 artists of different mediums, showcasing our connection to nature. with…

Women of Oakwyn – Panel Speaker

Women of Oakwyn – Feb. 2018 panel speaker at the event. Oakwyn Realty hosted a “Women of Oakwyn” Lunch at…

Art! Vancouver

Art! Vancouver 2018 newspaper articles featuring bryce barry showing at art vancouver

Address Assembly

Kate Duncan’s Address Assembly – May 25-28, 2017 Address is a design show curated and produce by designers for designers.…

More Than Medals

Finalist for next generation Indie Book Award 2015

CBC Radio Interview

CBC Radio  – April 2015 interview for “More Than Medals” book

Coast Reporter

Coast Reporter – May 2015 interview for “More Than Medals” book

Pique News Magazine

Pique News Magazine – March 2015 interview for “More Than Medals” book