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More than Medals provides an inside perspective on the journey of pro athletes – what keeps them training, how they overcome losses and criticism and what they learn about themselves through sport. Interviewing these athletes gave the author insight into the struggles and triumphs of their careers and, ultimately, of her own.

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Multiple World Champions, Olympic Gold, Silver and Bronze medallists, Pan Am Gold, Silver and Bronze medallists, Multiple Hall of Fame Inductees, Winter X Game Gold, World Cup medallists, European Cup Champions, America’s Cup Champion, share

• how they got started in sports and who they have as role models

• what defines success in sports and life

• what lessons they’ll take with them when they go

The complete career arc of a professional athlete is revealed through these intimate portraits of some of the very best in the world. More than Medals is for aspiring athletes, sports enthusiasts, parents of athletes and the many people enthralled by the inner workings of the sports world. This book reaches beyond sports by showing how the lessons in athletics help create success in all aspects of life.

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