bryce barry


I’m a canadian photographer and artist based in vancouver, british columbia.

following my curiosity of the natural world, of lines, light, shadow and spaces. that’s where I am now. chasing fog and reflections. 

my finished pieces are views that you can step into. like an open window. bringing the outdoors into the indoors. 

the technique of hand mounting archival prints onto wood helps create a painting like depth and texture, allowing the piece to draw in the viewer from any angle. the finished piece is ready to hang, using highest grade materials, created by hand.


I grew up in a small town on canada’s west coast.

sechelt on the sunshine coast is surrounded by natural beauty, it’s a beautiful place to grow up. I left the coast to pursue pro sports and for over a decade I represented Canada on the FIVB beach volleyball world tour. when I wasn’t playing, I was taking photos and writing in notebooks. 

my ideas and photos from that time created a jumping off point for me as I turned from sports to the creative field. putting to use my degree from the university of victoria, I wrote a book, more than medals which features some of the best athletes in the world. 

that book was a bridge connecting my time as a pro athlete to the more creative pursuit I follow now. 

look long at bryce barry's eerie atmospheric photographs and you'll forget where you are. It is dizzying, as if you've fallen into the setting, almost able to smell the sea and forest, feel the cool air, the damp moss, the rigid sand...

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