bryce barry

Temple: Season 2

I was contacted by set designer Mike Britton (Killing Eve, Taboo), to create one of my large scale pieces for the main character’s home in the second season of Temple. My piece can been seen throughout the series and also in the opening credits! You can watch for it in the UK on Sky, in […]

Rochelle Lynne Design

“Love the serene and moody “reminder of home” that hangs proudly on my living room wall!  It gets plenty of ooh’s and aaah’s, but for me, it brings back so many good feelings & memories from my early days on the coast.  And of course, it is a beautiful compliment to the personal style and […]

Foglifter Coffee Roasters

“We couldn’t feel more fortunate to have met Bryce for this collaboration. Introduced by a mutual friend, we knew right away that she was the perfect photographer to realize our vision for this space. Our goal was to create an image that evoked a very specific mood and sense of place for our customers and […]


a lovely client who lives on the opposite side of the country, contacted me about a west coast view for her home. I was happy to find something that works for her. this view is from my hometown on the sunshine coast bc. out on the water watching the sunrise over the mountains, gave this […]


“dinosaurs” was commissioned by container brewing and is displayed in their upper lounge. a 60″ x 40″ piece. this new brewery in east vancouver is located at 1216 franklin street which is in the port area. they wanted a large scale piece that reflects the area that they are a part of, that tells a […]

a light

a client was looking for a large bright forest shot that could be the focal point of her galley kitchen. her penthouse views are in the middle of the city so she wanted to feel like she was stepping into the forest in her kitchen. a light is a 48″ x 36″ piece.


a client was looking for a specific shot for an anniversary gift for his wife. he wanted an aspen grove and if possible an eagle flying in the distance over the grove. I found the grove and got lucky with an eagle flying overhead!


a lovely client who has a house on Hornby Island wanted a few pieces that really captured a piece of the coastal rain forest. this is one of them, the rich greens of a fern grove, up close. getting the opportunity to create a piece that has a close up feel with depth was different […]


this is a private commission for a client looking to flank their large fireplace with a colourful field, creating an inviting reading nook. this blueberries piece is 48″ x 36″ and is part of their newly renovated living room. a splash of colour. I shot these fields in the early morning as winter light gave […]


a good friend of mine is a welder and he was looking for something specific for his shop. I had a great time on this shoot, finding old welding buildings and a shot that fit his business. the piece was a 48″ x 32″. these are a few other shots from that shoot, exploring a […]

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