bryce barry

my process

I was raised in a family of woodworkers, where I learned how to work with wood and refinish furniture.

this background influenced my choice to hand mount archival prints onto wood. this technique creates a painting like depth and texture to the finished piece, which comes ready to hang. this type of finish maintains the rawness of the outdoors. you can view the piece from every angle with no glare, giving the illusion you can step right into the view.


I’ve done exclusive commissions for designers, business owners, and individuals. projects ranging from my work being part of a set design for a tv show to large scale business installations. below are some examples of custom works I’ve completed.

look long at bryce barry's eerie atmospheric photographs and you'll forget where you are. it is dizzying, as if you've fallen into the setting, almost able to smell the sea and forest, feel the cool air, the damp moss, the rigid sand...

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