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an interview for “More Than Medals” book.

“Bryce Barry originally envisioned her book More Than Medals as being biographies of her subjects.

However, when the former FIVB Beach Volleyball World Tour player got to the heart of what she was really trying to say with the book, she realized that approach wouldn’t fully plumb the depths of an athlete’s whole story, especially if they’ve struggled to accomplish what they have.

“I wanted something different,” she said. “Most sports non-fiction is biographical stories about athletes and dates and ages of everything. That just seems to be very prevalent and that makes the stories kind of obsolete even if you don’t want them to be.

“You look at them like, ‘What do I have in common with someone at the (1988) Seoul Olympics?’ For me, I wanted to lose the ages and the dates and talk more about the feelings and the stories and the athletes.”

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