bryce barry


*** SOLD***

This piece is an 18″ x 12″ sample sized piece. It’s finished exactly the same as my large scale pieces. An archival print, hand mounted onto wood, finished and sealed with archival materials and gallery wall hanging on the back. Lichen 18″ x 12″ $375 cad.


Backstory: “Lichen” is a special grove that I’ve done several shoots at, in different lighting. The fog that descended into this grove during several shoots didn’t quite light this space as I’d hoped so I went in the opposite direction and tried shooting it as the light filtered through. This smaller studio sample is to check how this kind of lighting suits my archival finishing technique. I’m happy with the results and look forward to creating a larger scale piece that reflects the grandeur of this moss covered bouldered grove. It’s so quiet and peaceful, it feels like a private room within the larger forest.

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