bryce barry

BBC television series

this is a black and white image of the secret piece I mentioned in last month’s studio news. the set designer was working on a slight Rothko theme for the set and came across my work. 

this piece is currently in the backdrop of a series filming in London, England. I look forward to sharing photos in the new year when the season airs here in North America.

your next clue: The New York Times just named the series one of the best 20 series of 2020

I was lucky to have a set designer contact me about purchasing one of my large scale pieces for the backdrop of the main character’s house in a tv series.

after being approved by the set designer, director, producer and executives aplenty, I was making, wrapping and shipping my largest piece yet overseas on a tight deadline.

I’d shipped it a few days early which created enough of a buffer for UPS to lose the package for 5 days! true story. thankfully it was found and delivered the day filming began. which makes this a super fun story… unless you’re living it. 


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