Bryce’s background in pro sports, her continuing education in health and her extensive research on athletes combine to create a solid foundation for speaking to different groups – businesses, schools and sports teams. The range of topics include: the benefits of sport, cultivating health and wellness, and lessons learned from the journeys of pro athletes. She has spoken at schools, corporate events, sports clubs and teams.


“At Terry Fox Secondary we host a program called the Athletic Leadership Series that meets monthly for a breakfast meeting. We invite leaders from the community to come in and share their expertise and stories in the field of athletics. We were fortunate to have Bryce Barry for one of our sessions to speak on her vast experience as a professional athlete and to share many stories from the research she completed for her book ‘more than medals. Her inspirational messages focussed on the value of role models and what defines success in sports and life. Our student athletes listened intently at the personal triumphs and tribulations of elite athletes whose journeys are interesting, not unlike the challenges that face many of our high school athletes who are working towards excellence in their sports.”  Athletic Director Terry Fox Secondary

“Bryce Barry was a guest speaker at Maaqtusiis Secondary School. She was warm, friendly and open, which allowed our students to connect well with her. Her speech was very engaging and she gave the students a lot to think about. She made excellent points on where hard work and well-thought-out choices can take you in life.” –Cedar Wechlin M.ed, Ahousaht B.C. Athletic Director 

Bryce spoke at SFU to the Basketball Coaching Association’s gathering of international, national and local referees. She spoke about longevity in sport along with using criticism and cultivating adaptability: two under valued assets, in sport and life.

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