the final four

None of these are new books, but for me their claim to fame is that they’ve stayed put in my near constant shuffle of sports books over the years. The Ticket Out is heart breaking. Michael Sokolove writes about the baseball playing Boys of Crenshaw and you ride with him as he dives into their […]

about og

This is a picture of the books that have kept me company when I wasn’t entirely convinced that the book in my head would take shape outside of it.  These are some of the writers I turned to. When I was living in Toronto I got to work with Janet Berton. Actually, I made her […]

cali life

I spent a lot of time in Cali when I was playing pro beach volleyball. Early in the morning I’d lean over the railings on the pier and watch the surfers. Somehow it was even more mesmerizing when they didn’t catch a wave. There was always a rhythm and a surety that something was on […]


A life in sports is not about how you finished or even that you’re finished, it’s about being in a world where the whisper of potential never drifted from you but the roar of actual and existent streamed from you. It was the doing rather than the saying and the attempting rather than the wondering.