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photographs are hand mounted onto wood and the archival prints are sealed to give the image a painting like depth. commissioned pieces and custom sizing is available.

more than medals

more than medals

my book More than Medals provides an inside perspective on the journey of pro athletes – what keeps them training, how they overcome losses and criticism and what they learn about themselves through sport.

interviewing these athletes gave me insight into the struggles and triumphs of their careers and, ultimately, of her own.

"my photography focus is on nature and my creative focus is on crafting custom commissioned pieces. I hand mount and seal my photography onto wood. which came from the desire to recreate the gritty, raw, no gloss nature of nature, with a focal point - bringing the outside, inside. being able to view the piece from any angle without glare or any barrier as you would see it in nature. I really enjoy working with clients and businesses to create pieces that suit their space." bryce barry


bryce’s photography reflects the time she spends outdoors. her appreciation for design, clean aesthetics and minimalism can be seen in her choice of focus.

her hometown of sechelt b.c continues to be a strong influence on her work but her extensive world travels give her a broad base to draw from while maintaining her minimalist eye. land and seascapes of the west coast of british columbia are her main subjects.

bryce grew up around woodworkers, a family pastime, and this background guided her choice to mount photographs onto wood. her photos bring the outdoors in, so maintaining the raw natural beauty of the outdoors is important to her. this drew her towards finding a way of affixing photos onto wood without glare and maintaining a minimalist aesthetic.

she is an award winning author for her book more than medals and has written a number of articles – both in print and online – that have also featured her photographs.

as a former professional athlete, in the upper most tier of her sport, she represented Canada for over a decade on the FIVB beach volleyball world tour. on tour when she wasn’t playing, she was taking photos and writing in notebooks. her ideas and photos from that time shaped and sharpened her focus creating a jumping off point in her pursuit of a more creative passion.

bryce spends her time in the forests or out on the water searching for the shot.

 Bryce in Ireland


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